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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let the Holiday Begin!! (Week 37, Day 1)

Work is finally complete, presents have been bought and wrapped, and now it's time to enjoy the holiday!  Christmas celebrations began Saturday, with an afternoon spent with grandparents and dinner with friends. Sunday we spent the day serving food to the homeless at our church - a humbling experience that reminded me of all that we have to be grateful for. This also gave Carly a chance to babysit Maddy during the day, providing the added bonus of having some quality time with Maddy when she is awake and alert.
Playing with Daddy
Phil and I have a Christmas tradition of celebrating just the two of Christmas Eve's Eve. After Maddy was snug in her bed, we had our traditional crab boil, always a treat! I think my favorite part of the night was towards the end - I was finishing up some presents when Maddy woke up and needed attention. Phil went in to tend to her, and I finished what I was working on. In general, I try not to go into Maddy's room and take over when Daddy is in there - it can be distracting for Maddy once I'm there, and it's nice for Daddy to spend quality time with her. Tonight, Phil was in there longer than usual and I could hear talking and laughing coming from her room. I snuck over to the door and peeked in the room, to find Phil sitting in front of Maddys crib, playing games with a Santa hat and both of them giggling and squealing with delight. It was absolutely adorable! It took every ounce of restraint not to come bounding into the room and join the fun - while I wanted to play too, I knew my presence would change the tone for Maddy, and I wanted she and Daddy to have these precious moments together. Instead, I grabbed the baby monitor, and was able to watch from afar, marveling at the bond growing between my daughter and husband .

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was split between both sides of our family, each with there unique traditions, both consisting of lots of quality togetherness and celebrations. It is always a treat for the grandparents to spend time with Madeline, and we enjoy seeing her interact with them. While Maddy didn't really get Christmas this year, she enjoyed all the people, toys, and boxes and paper to tear up.  

Merry Christmas!!