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Friday, April 4, 2014

Small Moments (Week 32, Day 6)

It's the week before thanksgiving, and I'm giving thanks that a break from work is near. Things have been so hectic that I'm barely able to keep up, and it's beginning to really wear on me. I feel like I'm in constant motion between spending quality time with Madeline and my husband, working and catching up at night, and cooking, cleaning bottles, doing laundry, making food, and generally running myself into the ground.

In all the madness, there are moments that make it all worth it. Today when I got to daycare, I got a very special treat. For the first time ever, when Maddy saw me and grinned, she went from sitting and playing with her toys to crawling over to be with me. It was amazing to get to see her be able to take action and control of what she wanted- just days ago she could only wave her arms and show frustration at not being able to move towards her goal (aka me) and now nothing stopped her. And it's the best feeling in the world to have your child want to be with you so much. It's the moments like this that make all the madness worthwhile.