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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to Work: Day 1 Post Maternity Leave (Week 12, Day 3)

This is it. It's Monday. It's now or never. We spent the weekend preparing as a family for this, getting groceries, washing clothes, hugging baby. Today is the day a new chapter begins.
It's hard to describe the emotions I'm feeling, it's somewhat surreal to me. I'm not sure I'll know what I'm feeling until I actually drop Maddy off at daycare. It just feels, well, weird to think I won't be with her all day. I wonder if she'll have trouble sleeping, or taking her bottle. Most of all I wander how much she'll notice, and how much it will affect her.
Daycare Day 1 - So far, so good.,
End of day: we did it. We all somehow made it through the day. As usual, it seems to be hardest on mommy. The drop off went better than expected; Maddy was awake, and there was no crying when she exchanged hands. Mommy was the only one shedding tears. After arriving at work, the day dragged on, with my brain slowly starting to dust off its cobwebs and remember the key initiatives, strategic objectives, project plans and coordination needed to do my job. It seemed people were much more excited for me to be back than for I was to be there, but the warm welcome felt good. I do know  I'm going to enjoy the work, but am currently overwhelmed by the amount that needs to get done in a short period of time. Add pumping during the day, figuring out drop off and pick up times, and the overwhelming feelings multiply. But, there is an increased sense of efficiency that comes with returning to work- my priorities have been altered so greatly that I want to make every moment away from Maddy count, and therefore use my time as wisely as possible while in the office.
Texts and notes from friends and family, along with pictures from the daycare of Maddy help me get through the day.
Picking Maddy up after work was the best part of the day - the quality time was even more meaningful, and she did a great job with her newfound friends. Lets just hope we can keep the positive momentum going for the three day week.