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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting through Week 1 of Work and generations of Everett Women (Week 12, Day 6)

Thankfully, the 3 days of work go by quickly, with few hiccups, and Maddy does great at daycare. In fact, she does so well that by 6 PM she is fast asleep, and mommy and daddy enjoy taco night, sangria and some couch time to wind down from the big week.
Maddy, Mommy, and Grandma
In the morning, we get up and begin another day of travel - this time heading to Evansville to see my grandmother, Maddy's great grandma. It's a long drive, so we've planned it over the 4th of July to be able to take our time.
The drive down to southern Indiana is a non event - again the stresses of the 'first' travel journey are gone, and we enjoy some family time in the car. Once we arrive in Evansville, we head to the assisted living home to see my grandma. Her 90th birthday is next week, and we are visiting early to celebrate. It's her first time seeing Madeline, and I was excited to have my daughter meet her great grandma.
Four Generations of Everett Women!

My grandma could not have been more pleased to see Maddy. There was something very special about seeing the two of them together. At one point grandma held Maddy, and Maddy reached up and wrapped her hand around Grandmas finger. I think that image will stay with me for a long time - my grandmother with 90 years of life and memories in her, and my daughter with all her life and memories to be made ahead of her. It was a special moment.