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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Star Wars Measuring Sticks (Week 17, Day 4)

Madeline is 4 months old today! I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly. She seems longer and more like a toddler than ever, and she seems to be changing daily. She is even making sounds today I've never heard her make before - almost as if she is trying to sing along to songs she hears.
As it's Tuesday, this milestone was celebrated with 4 month pictures before heading to daycare and work. Before Madeline arrived in the world and made me into a mom, I noticed that when my mom friends had monthly pictures of their children they would have something in the picture to show the babies change in size - a stuffed animal, sign, etc. I liked the idea of showing the changes relative to some inanimate object, and stored the idea for later use.
Now, every month, I have my chance to stage a photo showing Maddy's growth. Each month I take a relatively normal picture of Maddy on her purple hippopotamus play mat that is cute and girly and sweet. Then comes the picture I look forward to every month. The picture of Maddy with Darth Vader and Yoda.
Mom, who ARE these guys?
What? Yes, it's a little unconventional, but when you have Darth Vader and Yoda stuffed animals that are currently larger than your child, I really don't see any other option but to use them as yardsticks for measuring growth. Growing up my husband and I were both big fans of Star Wars. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but Darth Vader was one of my imaginary friends. I emphasize ONE of. I had several, including a dragon and an Indian. You could call me an eccentric child. Before Maddy was born, my mom came across the dolls and thought they would be a hilarious gift for my daughter. When she received them however, they were much bigger than she anticipated - each one is about 2 feet tall!
Which brings us to today. Maddy dutifully poses next to Darth and Yoda every month, and every month we get either humorous or horrified comments from our friends on the pictures. Soon enough Maddy will get Mommy's sense of humor, and hopefully won't be too scarred for life by the encounter.

What were the crazy imaginary friends you had growing up? And what sorts of objects are you using to measure your children's growth?