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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Sleep Talk (Week 17, Day 6)

Sleep Talk!
As new parents, kids provide endless entertainment. Tonight Phil and I put Maddy to bed and decided to watch a recorded show on television before calling it a night. Part of the way through, Maddy began making funny little cooing sounds, and Phil went in to check on her. Shortly after, he popped his head out and said I should come in and see this. I knew from the noises Maddy was making and the laughter in Phil's voice that nothing was wrong, and she was doing something funny. 
Standing by her crib, we watched as Maddy wriggled around in her sleep, eyes shut, cooing and talking as if she was having a conversation with us. She was fully asleep, but the noises she was making were as if she was awake and playing. It was hilarious. Phil commented that watching her was way more fun than the television show we had planned, and we both agreed that Maddy seems to take after mommy in that she is developing the habit of talking in her sleep!