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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Taking Tummy Time to a Whole New Level(Week 22, Day 3)

It's 9:30 PM, and it might as well be midnight, as I'm the only one in the house up. I know I should be sleeping, and that Maddy is going to wake up any minute wanting to nurse, or cuddle, or just protest sleep in general. Phil and I have taken turns trying to soothe her this evening, and after finally getting her to sleep, decided staying up to a normal bedtime was just too much effort, and gave in to exhaustion.
Except now I can't sleep. Why, you might ask? Because Maddy has hit another milestone. This one is called "I like to sleep on my stomach". It's a new one, and tonight is Maddy's first test drive of this recent preference. And so now, after months of worrying about SIDS and having the saying "back to sleep" rammed into my head by every doctor out there, my baby is peacefully sleeping on her belly. And my options are either to wake her up and move her, or let her sleep and lay here watching the baby monitor for signs of movement, and worry about her breathing habits. I know her neck is absolutely strong enough now to support her head, and that she is perfectly capable of rolling into whatever position she chooses. However none of these facts are currently helping me sleep. So here are lay, watching my baby sleep, and knowing this will be another first that is going to worry only mommy.