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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gummy Grins (Week 5, Day 5)

Late night chats with Maddy
I'm up in the middle of the night to feed Maddy, and amazed at how big and strong she's gotten. She no longer fit in the newborn sleeper last night, and is wearing a 3 month sleeper (albeit too big) for the first time. When she lays on my chest, she takes up more space than before, and her little feet push on my legs with a strength that wasn't there yesterday. Where did my little newborn go? While I crave a big chunk of uninterrupted sleep, our little late night meetings are precious to me - getting to see little Madeline at her most still and peaceful, cuddling up against my chest, her little cherub face looking up at me - it truly is one of the sweetest moments of my (early) day.

Today is a gorgeous Chicago spring day - 80 and sunny, with a light breeze. Maddy and I take the opportunity to go to the farmers market for breakfast, and enjoy some fresh bread, hot tea, a chat with a friend and a walk through the park. It's days like this that remind me how good I have it - the ability to take time off and enjoy getting to know my daughter, and living in one of the best locations in the city.
An early smile!

The highlight of the day: Maddy wakes up from a nap, and while I'm changing her for bed she smiles and laughs - a genuine smile, not the 1st month "I have gas and its causing me to smile involuntarily " kind of smile. I tickle her and smile and she does it again. It makes the earlier experience of being spit up on (twice) a distant memory.