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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ear Infections and Medication Time (Week 18, Day 2)

Maddy's Sick Face
It’s Sunday night, and after a long and busy weekend, mommy and daddy are exhausted. Maddy’s 4 month doctor’s appointment happened Friday morning, and rather than getting her 4 month shots as originally intended, we got a prescription for amoxicillin - our little girl now has an ear infection. After 3 weeks of a cough and cold, this was not the news we wanted to hear. Luckily, the medicine seems to be doing the trick, and her fever and fussiness immediately died down after her first day on medication. 
We had a jam packed weekend of friends and family visits, both to us and travelling to see friends, as well as hosting a cookout for the other new moms I met on maternity leave. As always, Maddy was a champ through the whole thing - she of course had her moments but all in all went with the flow and was happy as could be, even with her first experience with medication. Talking to my other friends that have older children and they trials they’ve endured with daycare, sickness, colic, and general infant fussiness, I’m reminded about her laid back and relaxed nature - very few things seem to get her riled up, even  though I anticipate with anxiety large tantrums at each new experience. I have to remind myself how easy I have it with our little girl!