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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Daughter Hands (Week 18, Day 6)

It occurred to me today that Madeline is now double the size from the day she was born. It shouldn't be that surprising at 4 months, but it's amazing how gradually it happened, and now her she lies, sprawled across my lap, all body and legs and so much bigger than that first day we brought her home.

The thing that amazes most his her hands. Not only have they grown in proportion to the rest of her, but they've also woken up and come alive just as Maddy has as she's grown. Where her balled up, tight fists used to be, there are open palms and extended fingers, always reaching and grabbing and exploring the new textures. These new appendages have little experience holding anything - and have the worlds softest palms to prove it. But that won't last long. When she is awake those little hands don't stop moving, and even as she falls asleep, her hand wanders across my face, grabbing my nose and exploring my chin, trying to make sense of it all. I think these little hands will always be a wonder to me.