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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's In A Name? (Week 24, Day 3)

It’s another week of work. We've all gotten used to the schedule, gotten over our initial daycare colds, and are now plodding along in our routine. For my husband and I, our time with Maddy is getting more fun every single day - with all her new discoveries, and her abundance of happiness is contagious. Our mornings, though early, are spent playing on the floor and laughing with our daughter. And while Madeline goes to sleeps very early and it’s a struggle to get home, get her changed and fed before she drifts off to sleep, every evening is special, and tonight was even more golden. Maddy was in a great mood at the end of the day - playing with her friend Juliana and giggling and laughing when I arrived at daycare, and became even more excited when we saw me. She is now starting to recognize names - her own and others. When I sat down and talked to her, and asked her what she and Juliana did today, she consciously looked over at Juliana. When you say her name now, she now looks toward you - both to Maddy and Madeline (I was worried she would not know her full name, so this is a blessing!).
Even more than names, she is now starting to recognize faces. She knows Mommy and Daddy. And she LOVES when Mommy and Daddy are with her at the same time. Today, I got her home, and went through our usual nighttime routine - selecting pajamas (she really likes to choose them herself, and shows her approval by trying to get as much of her chosen sleeper into her mouth as possible), changing diapers, nursing, reading a book and singing a song. Tonight, Daddy made it home in time to see Maddy before she went to sleep, and she could not have been more excited to have both of us there - she kept looking from one of us to another and grinning. Daddy even read her a book before bed, and she loved it. I can’t think of many things better in life than watching a man fall in love with his daughter - it is truly a beautiful thing.

As Maddy drifted off to sleep I marveled at the life lottery that I had won with my gorgeous daughter and great husband. Some days are long and hard, but the family I come home to make all of it worthwhile.