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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If at first you don't succeed. . . (Week 25, Day 7)

Update on Solids: We had to take a break. While Maddy seemed to be enjoying them, Sunday night was a disaster- she was up every hour and a half, crying and wanting to nurse. We had no idea if it was teething, the food upsetting her stomach, or both. Whatever it was, it wasn't working, and after a sleepless night, we were starting the week off on an empty tank. So Phil and I decided we should back off the solids and get her back to normal before trying again.
The days off seem to have done us all good, Maddy seems like herself again, and while she's developed a slight cold, her sleep is back to normal and she seems ready for our next round of experiments In the crazy world of real food. Next up: oatmeal!

The biggest development this week is Madeline's enthusiasm for rolling. She's been rolling for awhile, but this week there is a vigor and frequency that is all brand new- she can hardly sit still! She's also learned to scoot, a talent that is allowing her to gain more distance in her explorations. Today when I picked her up from daycare she was happily playing on the floor and gave me a big grin hello. After picking up her things, I turned to collect her, and she was nowhere to be found! Lo and behold , she's found a new favorite spot to hang out- under the children's table! Why do I see endless rounds of hide and seek in my future??