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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Liars! (Week 26, Day 2)

Our experiment with oatmeal did not go as planned. Everyone tells you “Once your baby starts eating solids, that’s it - they’ll sleep through the night!”. Well, all those people are big fat liars in my book. On our second attempt at solid foods, Madeline once again was thrilled with the experience - she loved watching the spoon full of food come at her, and gobbled up the food. It was adorable.
Then came sleepy time. Maddy fell asleep for about an hour, and then was up - FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT. The only way she would even consider sleeping was in my arms or my husbands. It was clear she had a belly ache - she would not roll onto her stomach in her normal sleeping position, and just seemed uncomfortable with the prospect of laying flat in the crib.

As so it was, on a Sunday night before a long week of work, and after my first 10K run post baby, I slept sitting up in a chair, my little girl in my arms, wondering why my daughter decided to buck the trend of having solid foods be the cure all for a full nights sleep.