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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away (Week 7, Day 6)

Today was a slow start to the morning. With Maddy up in the middle of the night for a second night in a row, a good morning nap was in order for Maddy - and for Mommy too (I’m definitely going to miss naps when I return to work - my company frowns upon nap time in the office!). We are still waiting for “The Magical” moment when Maddy sleeps for longer periods through the night - we are now up to three hour stints, which is a welcome change, but not much relief to the sleep deprived parents.

Today we encountered on of the drawbacks to being a city baby. It was a hot Chicago day, and the possibility of storms had been looming over the city all week, keeping us from our usual walks to the zoo. This afternoon, we ventured out to lunch with one of the other moms from our group, and just as we stepped out of the restaurant to head home, we were hit with a downpour. Having only the stroller with partial coverage and no umbrella, I ducked into the closest bar for cover. Downside - stuck in the city in the middle of the storm. Upside - there are so many bars/restaurants shops downtown that it’s easy to find a place for coverage pretty quickly. Maddy and I camped out until the rain ceased, and headed home. Now I know that my enormous survival kit that I carry with me everywhere (aka diaper bag) is missing one key element - an umbrella!