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Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting Inventive (Week 7, Day 7)

Madeline slept for 4 hours!! Not only that, it was AT NIGHT! WHILE mommy was sleeping! Yeah! I haven't had 4 hours of consecutive sleep since she came home from the hospital. If anyone's counting, that's six weeks. I may be the only one counting. Granted, I woke up like clockwork two hours into her sleep schedule to find her squirming on the baby monitor, but not awake or calling out to be fed. I shut my eyes and waited for the inevitable cry for food and voila! Two hours later she wakes up! I feel like a revitalized woman. At least for now. At 3am.

Another milestone occurred today- I showered! Now I need to clarify. I shower frequently, it's sort of a good hygiene habit I try to keep up. But since Madeline was born, I've been fitting showers in when Phil is home and can hold Maddy - before work, at the end of the day, etc. Lets just say the habit has become less than daily. On the days I can't fit in a shower before Phil leaves for work, I throw on workout clothes and pretend I'm off to the gym. There. You know my secret. I wasn't at the gym. In fact, I was probably just eating a cookie. And not showering. Sue me. 

Back to the milestone. As it is said, necessity breeds invention, and today I needed to get inventive. Maddy and I went to the stroller fitness class (Fact: I am no longer in shape, and this class is hard), and I actually used those workout clothes to work up a sweat rather than mask my uncleanliness. When we got home, it was clear I was going to need to shower before Maddy's afternoon doctors appointment. Since Maddy had no intention of taking this opportunity to nap contentedly in her crib, it was time to think creatively. I look around at Maddy's multiple playthings to see what was most appropriate, and wouldn't make her scream in protest. I settle on moving the floor bouncer to the bathroom - it seems the most logical and allows me to have her in the room with me . While she didn't sail off to dreamland as hoped, she didn't cry, and seemed to find the hair dryer fascinating. And mommy got to take a shower, and keep up her good hygiene habits. I call it a win-win.

Mommy's little helper!