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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Magical Sixth Week (Week 6, Day 5)

From the first day at the New Moms Support Group, the doctor has talked about this magical time in week six of a child's development in which they begin to distinguish day from night, and develop circadian rhythms - the nervous systems "urge to sleep". The doctor basically said babies will begin a fussy period from four to six weeks of age, and then at six weeks begin shows signs of wanting to go to bed at night, and longer intervals of sleep.

Phil and I have been counting down the days until this monumental occurrence, and here we are, smack dab in week six. And nothing. Okay, not nothing, but no fairy tale land of a non fussy baby blissfully dozing off to sleep at 6 and sleeping for a good six hours. My little munchkin is still wailing every evening in pure fussiness, and seems to be holding on for dear life to her 2 hour sleep interval schedule. Sure, she'll give me a 3 hour stretch here or there, but I'm not quite jumping for joy with the added continuous zz's yet.

And so we wait, like Cinderella waiting for Prince Charming, we wait for our beautiful sleep to arrive.
The elusive sleep