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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anxiety (Week 10, Day 6)

Okay, so I'm officially stressed about going back to work. How in the world do people return to work after only 3 months? You have a baby that is still getting up throughout the night, and not yet on a good sleeping schedule. Trying to get them out the door dressed, changed and fed in time for you to be in the office by 8AM seems damn near impossible. Especially when they are usually asleep, or about to take a good nap right about the time you should be getting them out the door. Then to actually go to work and focus on something else besides your child; well the thought of using my brain in that way is actually appealing, but I haven't really grasped how I'm going to manage it yet.

As with all milestones in this new chapter of my life, I'm realizing that Maddy's transition to daycare will likely be easier than my transition back to work. I'm a very organized person, and I'm currently feeling anything but. I know that I want (and need) to work, but I'm feeling overwhelmed as to how to make all the moving pieces fit together. I'm confident things will fall into place after a few days, and we will establish a routine. I will dig in, get organized, and figure it out. But right now, in the early morning light with my beautiful girl fast asleep on my chest, I'm feeling very glum about the whole prospect.