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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two Month Olds and Travel Days (Week 8, Day 6)

I'm two months old today!

Today Madeline is two months old! Phil and I once again congratulate ourselves on our new found ability to keep another human being alive for two months. Pictures were taken, and we marveled at how much she has grown in two short months. Our fragile little newborn has turned into a solid little infant, complete with adorable chubby cheeks and legs, a strong neck and powerful legs. 

Today we begin a new adventure - airplane travel with a baby. It feels like another episode of re-learning how to do something you've been doing for years. From attempting to pack, to navigating airport security, bathrooms and plane seat selection, all areas of travel now need to be reevaluated and assessed for the baby factor. 

O'Hare here we come!
After packing a gigantic suitcase (plus a suitcase for Phil, a carseat carrier, diaper bag, milk bag, carry-on, not to mention Baby Bjorn and the actual baby - today was the first day I actually wished I was an octopus!) we leave for the airport with several hours to spare. Chicago traffic is monstrous as always, but we still make it to the airport with plenty of time. Several truly unfortunate occurrences coincided when we arrived at the long term parking: 1) We could not find a parking spot close to the airport tram 2) It started to rain, and 3) Maddy got hungry and started to cry.  One of these incidents might have been just slight annoyances, but all three equaled pure catastrophe. It's hard enough to wrap our minds around getting all three of us plus our luggage onto the airport tram and to the terminal successfully. Now add a long walk, pouring rain, an unhappy baby and shake well. Somehow I managed to give Maddy a mini feeding (lets just say it was the start of a progressive meal) throw her in the Baby Bjorn with a hat to protect her from the downpour, help carry what bags I could and trek off to the tram. My husband, who has a loathing for rain unlike anyone I've ever seen, packed most everything on a cart and moved faster than I thought possible towards the tram. Luckily, the appetizer course has satisfied Madeline, and she is blissfully asleep through the entire ordeal. The rest of the trip is rather uneventful - Maddy slept throughout loading the plane, taking off and landing. No screaming, fussing or nursing required. We even completed a diaper change in the airplane bathroom, which in itself should merit some sort of Olympic medal. 

We arrive safely in the picturesque mountains of Jackson Hole, to find that while our luggage came with us on the trip, our carseat did not. Luckily our rental car company was able to accommodate a last minute change, and we quickly were in our way to join our family, who had already arrived. For the wedding weekend, our family rented a house on the ranch where the reception was being held, so that we could all be together and enjoy all the grand kids. The house did not disappoint - it was a gorgeous spacious place, with stunning views of the Grand Tetons and plenty of room for lounging and visiting. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing with family and getting settled in. My sister Meagan was finally able to hold Madeline, and we were able to play with her son Jack, who just turned one. It was crazy to look at him and know that while right now Jack and Maddy look years apart, in one short year Maddy will be at the same stage as Jack, and they'll both be walking, talking, and turning into little pint sized people. It's hard to imagine. 

While I'm doing my best to soak in the beautiful setting and perfect family time with my sisters, parents and aunts and uncles, I'm distracted by an itchy throat and start of a cold. By the time I go to sleep that evening, it's a full fledged cold. This brings on a whole new bought of worries - what if Maddy gets sick? What if a slight cold for me is a full blown disease for her? Where am I going to find the strength to take care of her, myself and be the matron of honor my little sister deserves? I dealt with it the only way I know how - by powering through. I spent a sleepless night fighting my cold, while Phil took care of Maddy between feedings. 

The next day, our family did a group hike in the Grand Tetons, and fresh air did all of us good. The rest of the day was spent with preparations for the wedding and rehearsal dinner. One of the best parts of family get togethers, I now realize as a parent, is that everyone wants to see your baby, and is more than willing to take their share of playtime. Because of this, I'm able to successfully get Madeline and myself dressed and to the rehearsal and dinner on time, and can focus on celebrating my sisters nuptials. Phil does a great job of stepping up to his first challenge of a night without Mommy - it is an Everett Family tradition that all the Everett girls stay together the night before their weddings, and babies or not, this was no exception. Phil was able to give Maddy her bottle and get up with her throughout the night, and I got to spend quality time with my sister, and actually got six consecutive hours of sleep, which did me a world of good.