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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Marriage! (Week 9, Day 1)

Happy Wedding Day Carly!
My baby sister got married today! It was a picture perfect day for her in Jackson Hole. She had planned everything perfectly down to the last detail, and the weather had complied to make the backdrop of the festivities breathtaking.

Maddy ready for the wedding!  
It was once again Phil's responsibility to take care of Madeline for the day, and he did a great job of getting Maddy fed and changed and overall happy throughout the day. It seemed odd to not have her with me all day long after 2 months of being pretty much inseparable. It was a good lesson in letting go of control for me, and good practice for the upcoming daycare days. Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to see Maddy and Daddy when they arrived at the ceremony. We (well, I,) bought a very fancy dress for Maddy to wear to her first family wedding, complete with matching headband and shoes. She looked like a teeny bride herself, and a little angel sleeping peacefully in her carseat. I don't know how it's possible to be any cuter.

Phil on Dad Duty
While Phil and I were worried that now that we have a child we wouldn't be able to enjoy a wedding reception in the same way we have in the past, we found that dancing with Maddy soothed her to sleep, and once again relatives came out of the woodwork asking to hold the baby, allowing us to sneak some dancing in. We did have to leave a little bit early, knowing Maddy had reached her limit. It was a successful evening for us as new parents, and we were so happy we were able to watch my sister get married!