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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Preparing My Brain for Work (Week 10, Day 7)

Maddy ready to meet Mommy's work friends!
After a good cry and long walk in the sunshine with my babe, I felt much better about the whole going back to work prospect, and spent the rest of the day enjoying Maddy and our time together. 

On Friday, I was now mentally prepared to meet my boss for lunch and talk shop. Maddy was a dream baby - as if she knew how important it was that she didn't freak out, she slept through the entire lunch meeting, and was smiling and cooing at everyone she met once she did wake. It was nice to get into the office and see familiar faces, and know that I was missed. It was weird to discuss work topics, progress that has been made and for people to remind me of  things going on and tee up topics for discussion when I return. 

I did find it amusing that anyone thought I cared deeply about getting my head around work topics yet - I'm doing my darnedest to keep work in a separate drawer, that was opened for a brief moment, and has been promptly closed so that I can enjoy my final week with my daughter before the great balancing act begins.