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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trials and Tribulations (Week 8, Days 4&5)

The firsts continue this week! That's the great thing about babies - you may think you are in a routine, but they will change it up and throw you off guard in a heartbeat!

On Tuesday night, Madeline continued her 5 hour sleeping streak. It seems the flip has finally switched, and her night sleeps are getting longer. I'm over the moon about it, and enjoying all the extra zzz's. When she woke me up to feed her at 3 AM (aka started howling) I peeked in her room and jumped out of my skin - she had somehow managed to lodge her leg in between the bars of the crib, and was stuck there! I rushed in to get her out, and wasn't sure who was more scared. After getting her back to sleep and staring at the baby monitor fretting about broken legs, I finally drifted off to sleep, only to be awoken an hour later to find this time, Madeline had gotten BOTH legs lodged between the bars! At this point I'm concerned we'll be making an emergency room visit by the end of the night, so I decide to ditch the crib and have Madeline sleep on my chest for the rest of the night. I spent the wee hours of the morning researching broken baby leg occurrences and alternatives to bumpers.
The end result of comprimise

Wednesday is a big day of firsts. My baby sister is getting married this Saturday in Jackson Hole, and Thursday will be our first experience flying with Madeline. To prepare for this, I would like to get Maddy comfortable with the Baby Bjorn, as I think it will be easier to navigate at the airport. Most babies love the Baby Bjorn contraption, and I thought Maddy would love being against my chest and so close. Maddy had other ideas. Every time I put her in the sling, she screamed like a banshee. Finally, after much nursing and compromise (mostly on my part) she allowed me to leave the house with her snugly nestled against me. We enjoyed a lovely morning at the farmers market and zoo, and she slept peacefully the whole time. Success!